WE LUV KAKE was founded by Marlo Small. Marlo was born and raised in Florida and now resides in North Carolina. Marlo is an Entrepernuer that owns a couple businesses and looking to own more. Overcoming may obstacles and keeping his dream in mind Marlo was able to create a employment agency allowing him to provide customer service jobs to those in need. 


We are partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions, which allows us the opportunity to bring jobs to the homes of many who would not typically  be able to get these types of customer jobs working from home. Watch the videos below to learn a little more about Arise. 


Our Chief operation officer is Ali Andrews. She handles the day to day with WE LUV KAKE as well as payroll and HR and is dedicated to keeping the company thriving and growing into a top culture to work in. 

Leila Ludden is WE LUV KAKE Training Coordinator is Leila Ludden. Leila is an amazing asset who helps agents pre and post training down the path to success. Leila is the point of contact for how to's and questions related to the arise systems. 


Working from home is  a big adjustment for some. For others it can be a dream. No matter what your personality style is with a flexible schedule and supportive work environment anyone can do it! Here is a very informative video to get you prepared for the transition of commuting to work to having a home work life. 

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